Our mission is to create sustainable, healing and educational content that will improve our students' psychological and emotional states of being, while evolving their human consciousness to a higher vibration. 


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Grounded Flight is a platform that teaches you how to live your life by finding and enhancing the light that is inside you. We bring you world class content that is engineered to allow you to create abundant transformations in your life.

  • We merge ancient practices and ideas with new age models to help solve your current problems

  • Go above and beyond stress, anxiety, and depression- Create a life that is abundant, peaceful, full of love, wealthy and fun.

  • Unleash the light within you, transform your thoughts, understand who you are and what you are, and allow the light in you to shine bright and light other candles

How do we bring you world class content?

  • Deron Essex, our founder, has been studying spirituality, meditation, healing, energy work, personal growth, mindset shifting, and habit building for eight years and is still learning. He infuses his experience with teachings from the top leading authors of self-help guides to create unique, life changing, results driven, spiritually transformative events, programs, coaching sessions and online courses.

    • To learn more about the Grounded Flight Team, go to the "About" section located at the top of this page.


Transform your reality with our Flagship Program today


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"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be the people who cannot read and write, the illiterate will be the people who cannot change their mindsets." - Bob Proctor

According to Bob Proctor, changing and understanding your mind is the first step towards creating a life that you desire and deserve. 

It is critical to understand that if you cannot learn how to operate your mind, you will not be able to effectively operate anything else in life. 

When you observe the successful people that you look up to, ask yourself this question, "what are they doing that I am not doing?"

They understand and know that they are the creators of their reality!

They have created transformative systems and models to enhance their mind, body, and spirit which leads to exponential growth in their human potential.

Developed by our founded, Deron Essex, this flagship program brings you simple steps to learn how create your reality, and give you transformative models and mindset shifts to help you create the life you want in only EIGHT WEEKS. 

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Take a minute and repeat this mantra 3 times.


take a deep breathe

I Am Light 

I Am Glowing Light 

I Am Expanding Light 

I Am Protective Light

 take a deep breathe


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